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Awards and associations

2017 - Present: Director at Large, Redwood Empire California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (RECAMFT)

2017 Voted Best Psychotherapist in the North Bay, North Bay Bohemian

2016 Director, Pre-licensed Committee, RECAMFT

About me

While my job as a psychotherapist rarely necessitates any discussion about my life, I understand that many people may be curious about my values, beliefs, and maybe even history.

I decided to become a counselor following ten years of career exploration and personal development.  I considered becoming a doctor or nurse, an athletic coach or physiologist, or even an academic researcher in physics.  My clients will therefore notice that my therapeutic style and approach is informed by an education including physics, chemistry, biology, anatomy, physiology, and of course, psychology and counseling. My eventual choice to become a psychotherapist was influenced by my own life experiences and discovery that psychological well-being always seemed to be of primary importance, rather than any objective measure of how life “should” look; how one feels and thinks about every situation in life influences one’s well-being more than the simple, objective facts of the situation.

Following my graduation from UC Davis, I was fortunate to work with the UC Davis cycling team for three years.  In this role I discovered that through compassionate, trusting, and loving relationships, I was able to help people find passion, fun, and success.  With the discovery that I found meaningful connection with other human beings so natural, rewarding, and powerfully effective, I came to the realization that I could happily work with people in the most important way I could imagine: to help them find love for themselves, for the world, and to get what they wanted and deserved in life and in relationships.

My personal strength lies in helping older adolescents and adults of any age come to a clear and wholehearted understanding of themselves as they work through difficult experiences, whether they are life - long struggles, or sudden traumas.

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Oberon, better known as "Obie", is a six-year-old retriever mix. He is a frequent companion and helper in my sessions for clients who appreciate his presence. His calm demeanor and gentle nature have made him an excellent facilitator of emotional processing for many of my clients.

Oberon was raised for Canine Companions for Independence to be a service dog. He was released from the program and now enjoys a happy life as a pet dog. Oberon is a registered Canine Good Citizen with the American Kennel Club.

Please don't hesitate to let me know if you are uncomfortable with dogs, and I will be happy to work with you without him present.