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Individual therapy

Individual therapy is, at its core, a relationship.  This relationship is sometimes fun and filled with joy, and other times challenging - it is a microcosm of the client's life.  A therapist's job is not to coach, nor to give advice, but to experience the client's world exactly as it is, and accompany the client through it's reshaping.  The therapeutic relationship is one where challenges, voids, and scars from previous relationships and experiences are met, addressed, re-told, and healed.

This process is, and must be, built upon a foundation of mutual trust, care, and respect.  I believe an ultimate goal in therapy is for my clients to find the faith that they can bring themselves wholeheartedly and genuinely into the world, and I strive to do the same in my practice.  I believe each of my clients carries an important story that is worthy of being heard and understood.

I work with people aged 14 and older who need help on their path to wholeheartedness.