Therapy for athletes

Athleticism is many people's primary source of mental health maintenance.  If you are one of these people, I congratulate you, and wish to express my kinship in this healthy practice.  Having earned a degree in Exercise Biology from UC Davis and having acted as a coach for the UC Davis Cycling team prior to receiving my Masters in Counseling, I excel in and enjoy treating athletes.  I will help you to maximize performance and to find motivation, passion, and emotional health, all within your busy schedule.

My approach to treating athletes is highly tunable.  Some clients enjoy going for a run together while talking, others enjoy hikes or bike rides, and some prefer traditional office sessions.  I work with each client to determine how best to meet their needs, and sculpt our sessions accordingly.  Here are some examples:

  • John has just gone through a devastating breakup, and is suffering deeply. His schedule is packed between full-time work and full-time training, and the thought of training less to attend therapy sounds counter-productive.  I offer a solution: we meet every week at any location John chooses - and knock out his base miles while bringing his heart back to peace.
  • Jessica loves biking, but suffered from a terrible crash six months ago, and is surprised to find that she is now nervous in critical situations that never used to phase her - such as while surrounded by other cyclists, or on technical descents.  My work with Jessica begins in the office through powerful guided experiential therapy, as we form a relationship with the trauma she experienced, and create an internal source of safety for the injured parts of her mind, before moving outside to practice a new approach to mindful cycling.

Through exercise, we celebrate our relationship with our bodies, with the environment, and with our lives.  Athletic practice can be a way of finding power and agency, meditative peace, and physiologic harmony.  I invite you to join me outside in our beautiful county as we build towards your peace of mind.

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