Who is therapy for?

A "normal" life is filled with experiences. These may be joyous, awe-inspiring, sad, or they may even stop us in our tracks.  Sometimes we are devastated by a loss - of a loved one, of a relationship, or of our simple knowledge of safety.  Sometimes we are surprised to find that we feel sad, hopeless, or anxious for no reason.  And sometimes we worry that we are fundamentally flawed or damaged.  Good people often struggle to navigate these very difficult experiences.  That's where I come in.  It is not in human nature to overcome challenges alone.

It seems no surprise that in an increasingly busy and complicated world we find it more and more difficult to feel simple calm and harmony. We feel bound by obligations to work and loved ones, by the pain of our past, by the expectations and judgments held by ourselves and others, and by the simple necessities of everyday life. There seems to be little room for our authentic self to emerge and flourish from under this pressure.

Throughout our lives, as we develop and grow, it is our mandatory yet beautiful task to find ourselves and our important purpose within the world.  We need the courage to make this profound and unique vision work within our lives.  I work with my clients to help them to achieve this courage, vision, clarity, and purpose.